Our Product Lines

At Rowe Farms, we are proud to offer a full variety of healthy products all grown according to our stringent conscientious farming philosophies. Whether it's fresh meats such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey, or deli meats and sausages, we have a better alternative to the intensively-farmed and highly processed product you are accustomed to seeing in the grocery store.


Our beef cattle are pasture raised on small family farms in Ontario and Alberta. We ensure that each and every one of our cows has lots of space so they can grow in a low-stress, healthy environment. Our beef is aged 14 to 21 days before trimming in order to achieve optimal flavour. We carry a full range of beef cuts from perfect roasts, to barbeque-ready steaks and ground beef. Seasonally, we also offer 100% grass fed beef.

100% Grass Fed Beef

Each year, from September until March we offer 100% grass fed beef. These cows are pasture raised and receive no grains whatsoever. The result is beef that is lower in calories and has up to one third less fat content than grain fed beef. Grass fed beef is also higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs. Our 100% grass fed beef comes from small family farms in Listowel, Peterborough, and Guelph Ontario. For more information about the environmental and health benefits of grass fed beef please read here.


Our chickens are free-run on a local family farm in Waterdown, Ontario. They have free space to roam in large barns and unrestricted access to feed and water. Although our chickens live indoors, we provide them with advanced lighting, which replicates the natural cycles of an outdoor environment. A temperature and air quality system ensures they are raised in a stress-free environment. Our chickens are 100% air chilled which means you are not paying for water absorbed in traditional water chilled products. These extra efforts help us produce healthy, flavourful cuts of breasts, legs, wings, thighs as well as whole birds with absolutely no antibiotics.


Our turkeys are free-run in large barns in Listowel, Ontario. They receive no antibiotics and are fed a vegetable grain diet with no animal by-products. These extra efforts help us produce delicious turkeys whose quality is second to none.


Our lambs are fed conscientiously-farmed grass, hay and grains. They have plenty of space, and lambs have access to grass as soon as possible after they are born. Our lambs are farmed outdoors in spacious pastures as much as our unpredictable Canadian weather will allow. We carry a diverse selection of lamb cuts including meaty leg chops, delicious racks and juicy boneless shoulder roasts.

Free Range Lamb

Our free range lamb is pasture raised in Peterborough, Ontario. Lambs are raised on a vegetarian diet with strictly no animal by-products. Like all Rowe meat, our lamb is raised without the use of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones.


Like our other animals, our pigs benefit from being raised in a low-stress, healthy environment eating a natural, all-vegetable diet. Additionally, we do not salt or moisture-enhance our products, it's all just natural flavour! We offer a variety of pork cuts including juicy bone-in and boneless chops, meaty back and side-ribs as well as tantalizing pork tenderloin roasts. Seasonally, we also offer cuts of Tamworth pork, a unique species that produces a special, more-developed flavour.

Free Range Tamworth Pork

Tamworth Pork is a heritage breed originating in the 1800s from Tamworth, England. This breed is not suited to modern factory production methods and consequently, it has seen a large decline in recent years. Rowe Farms is committed to contributing to a resurgence of the breed and it is now available in all our stores. Our Tamworth is pasture raised in Peterborough, Ontario and fed an entirely vegetarian forage based diet. For more information about this tender and flavourful meat read here.


At Rowe Farms, we sell two brands of eggs. Green Valley and Rowe Farms. Our Green Valley branded eggs are from free-run hens that live in a low-stress, healthy environment. Our hens have free mobility and access to food and water within a large indoor facility. We are pleased to report that now our Rowe Farms brand eggs are raised in an enhanced caged housing environment. This system was developed in Europe and features small social groups of 15-17 birds living together. These birds lay their eggs in nest, have perches and live with reduced bird welfare issues that can be found in free-run environments.

Cured & Cooked Products

Using our conscientiously-raised meats and poultry, we cure products using a combination of nitrites (not nitrates) and vitamin C in the curing brine. Next, we also utilize a natural cooking and wood chip smoking process that creates an incomparable flavour. From our delicious bacon, to our signature hams and our wide range of deli products, you can taste the quality and care that goes into each of our products.

Frozen Foods

In response to the growing demand for convenient, affordable food we offer a great selection of frozen foods that make cooking at home more convenient. Our frozen selection includes:

  • Meatballs (2 flavours)
  • Chicken Wings (4 flavours)
  • Beef and Turkey Hot Dogs
  • Sausages (3 flavours)
  • Burgers
  • Peameal Bacon